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365 kilometres

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Hiking through the cultural landscape of the Moselle

Hiking on holidays on the Moselle: The Moselsteig long-distance hiking route is the latest attraction in the Bernkastel-Kues holiday region. The Moselsteig trail as a "Quality Trail Wonderful Germany" is the epitome of innovative and modern hiking.

Through a landscape dotted with highlights
The 365-kilometre Moselsteig trail is one of the most varied long-distance hiking trails in Germany. It covers the whole of the Moselle river in Germany, from Perl at the German-French-Luxembourg border to the Deutsches Eck in Coblenz. The 24 stages of the Moselsteig trail, varying in length between 11 and 24 kilometres, are dotted with breathtaking views. They take you through vineyards and woods, along the Moselle and steep rock faces. People who love adventurous hiking tours will appreciate the varied stages of the Moselsteig trail and its stunning views.