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Majestic castles and historic towns on the Moselle valley

From Bernkastel-Kues you can reachmany interesting sights to see like castles and monasteries so quickly: 
After about 60 minutes driving distance you you will reach Eltz Castle, which resembles a fairytale castle,
in about 10 minutes you are in the idyllically situated Cistercian monastery Machern. The castles of Manderscheid and the monastery of Himmerod are also only a stone's throw away from Bernkastel-Kues! There is so much to discover.
Choose Bernkastel-Kues as your "home for the holiday season" - and move your circles from here!

Mileage refers to the distance to and from Bernkastel-Kues


about 100 kilometres

A journey back to medieval times

Castle ruin in the side valley of the Moselle

about 80 kilometres

about 80 kilometres

about 30 kilometres

about 40 kilometres

about 45 kilometres

about 25 kilometres

about 5 kilometres

about 40 kilometres

about 60 kilometres