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The MEDIAN Rehab Centre in Bernkastel-Kues is well known. In modern specialist clinics with different specialties, medical rehabilitation has priority. Not individual complaints are treated here, but the whole person.

In the middle of the climatic health resort Kueser Plateau, high above the romantic Moselle wine town, there are the 4 clinics of the MEDIAN Rehab Centre: "Clinic Moselhöhe" (psychosomatics and psychotherapy), "Clinic Bernkastel" (orthopaedics) and "Clinic Moselschleife" (orthopaedics and cardiology (premium ward)) and the Clinic Burg Landshut (neurology).
The different specialties of the individual clinics allow a perfectly coordinated cooperation of specialists, which is of enormous importance for patients with multiple illnesses. Targeted, tailor-made therapies and diagnostics are used to greatly reduce the frequency of relapse in diseases.
The quiet location, directly at the idyllic spa park, far away from the stress of everyday life, also contributes significantly to the recovery of the patients. In addition, the harmony of culture and nature promotes vitality, well-being and optimism and is simply good for you. Just the right conditions for all-round recreation.



The offers include:

  • Follow-up treatment (AHB)/ Follow-up rehabilitation (AR)
  • Outpatient / partial inpatient rehabilitation
  • Outpatient therapy
  • In-patient treatment
  • Occupational Accident Prevention and Treatment (BGSW)
  • Admission of accompanying persons
  • Outpatient and day patient measures

For all those who want to put their health in their own hands, health programmes are offered. Accompanying persons are also welcome, because it is often easier to face new challenges in society and sometimes a dear, familiar person can be a remedy for the soul. For those who do not yet know how to organise their free time, the culture and cure in the "Kurgastzentrum" (welcome centre for patients of the health clinics) offers not only a wide range of leisure activities - on site and in the (nearer) distance - but also cosy possibilities to stay.


Rehabilitation Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy

Rehabilitation Clinic for Neurology

Rehabilitation Clinic for Orthopaedics and Cardiology

Rehabilitation Clinic for Orthopaedics