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In the holiday region Bernkastel-Kues you find a variety of different events: From May to October numerous wine and street festivals invite you to have an unforgetable time in the Moselle region. "Weinfest der Mittelmosel" in Bernkastel-Kues is the most famous wine festival. It takes place from Thursday always surrounding th efirst Sunday in September. A special highlight of this festival is the great firework on Saturday evening and the parade of the vinters on Sunday. International artists present themselfes on concerts of the Mosel Musikfestival. Enjoy a cup of Glühwein on the cozy christmas market. On the market place the residents of Bernkastel have a huge advent calender. There is a celebration every eveing during the opening of the window of the Advent calendar infront of an centuries old half-timbered house.