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German wine

© Zimmermann
  • 100% grapes from German vineyards
  • Minimum alcohol content: 5%.
  • Total alcohol content: minimum 8.5% and maximum 15%.

Regional wine

© Zimmermann
  • Wine with a protected geographical indication
  • at least 85% of the grapes must come from the named region
  • natural alcohol content must be at least 0.5% higher than that of German wine
  • Land wines are dry or semi-dry wines

Quality and predicate wine

© Zimmermann
  • Wine with a protected designation of origin
  • largest group of German wines

  • 100% from a production area

  • the minimum alcohol content must be 7% for quality wines and 5.5% for quality wines

  • Predicate wines can be further subdivided.
      The list of predicates



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