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Wine and sparkling wine tasting
The Straußwirtschaften

The climate factor

The term climate is used here to describe the meterological conditions in a limited area.
These have been recorded over several years, both near the ground and in the soil, the habitat of the vine.
Important factors here are the course of the temperature, the number and intensity of precipitation and the accumulation of cold air as well as dry and cool winds.
At local level, these influences can differ significantly from a regional, large-scale climate.
These differences are caused by the inclination and orientation towards the sun, the design of the surface, the prevailing wind direction, the vegetation and the soil with its function to store water and heat.

The climate within a year helps to shape the wine of a particular vintage.

Soil as a factor

The soil initially provides the vine with support. However, it also provides nutrients and water. The supply of nutrients as well as the water and air balance is important. In addition, there is the rootable part of the soil above the solid rock. These properties of the soil depend on four essential factors: The rock, the relief, the climate and time.

The rock supplies the vine with nutrients. The relief is responsible for the thickness of the soil, i.e. it controls the processes of deposition and erosion. Together with the rock, the climate and the duration of the respective developments influence the weathering intensity and form. These influence the nutrient content of the soil and the amount of air and water.

The soil is the factor that remains unchanged over long periods of time. It is the stable basis of the terroir.

In the Bernkastel-Kues holiday region, there are, in addition to the dark clay slate, loess and terrace sediments, rhyolite and conglomerates.

Traubenlese von Hand in Bernkastel-Kues an der Mosel

The winemaker factor

The winemaker acts on the vine in the vineyard. He decides on the grape variety as well as on the timing and execution of the work in the vineyard.
The characteristics of the soil are changed by the cultivation of the soil and the fertilization. The thickness of the soil can be improved by creating vineyard terraces. These also influence the warming and cooling of the soil as well as interventions in the vegetation.