Germany's oldest winegrowing centre

For centuries, winegrowing has shaped the cultural landscape of the Moselle and the way of life of the people who live in this wonderful region. The perfect place to discover this is probably the oldest winegrowing village in Germany: Neumagen-Drohn.

The village was first established as a Celtic settlement, known to the Romans later on as "Noviomagus Treverorum" ("magos" = field, plain, market; "novios" = new). Reports by ancient chroniclers tell of an attack by Germanic warriors and the destruction of the Roman settlement of Noviomagus Treverorum in 275. The Roman Emperor Flavius Valerius Constantinus, who was known as Constantine the Great or Constantine I and reigned until 337, had a huge fort built here, measuring approximately 110 x 130 metres, to protect the shipping traffic on the Moselle and the Ausonius Way, a major trade route.

A variety of unique treasures have been found in Neumagen-Dhron. You can marvel at splendid replicas of the original Roman buildings on an archeological tour of the village.

Archeologists discovered the gravestone of a Roman wine trader dating back to 220 AD in Neumagen-Dhron, and the village has therefore, probably rightly, been named the oldest winegrowing centre in Germany.

The Stella Noviomagi, a faithful reproduction of a Roman wine ship, also draws visitors to Neumagen-Dhron and increases its fame as a place of interest. The ship, which can accommodate 40 people, also offers trips on the river Moselle.

However, Roman finds are not the only things you can discover and admire in Neumagen-Dhron. The outstanding wine, another legacy of the village's Celtic/Roman past, also attracts connoisseurs and wine-lovers to Germany's oldest winegrowing centre. Renowned vineyards such as "Häschen", "Engelgrube", "Grafenberg", "Großer Hengelberg", "Hofberg", "Laudamusberg", "Nußwingert", "Roterd", "Rosengärtchen" and "Sonnenuhr" produce exquisite wine. With 247 hectares of vineyards, Neumagen-Dhron is the fifth largest winegrowing community along the Moselle.

A variety of activities in a beautiful setting, genuine hospitality in Germany's oldest winegrowing village, excellent wine and delicious food - you will find all of this in Neumagen-Dhron.

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