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The four regions of the holiday area

The 23 towns and villages in the popular tourist area around the Moselle and Hunsrück are divided into four regions.

The people of the Hunsrück region are cut from a different cloth to those who live along the Moselle. Yet in spite of
all their differences, these "fantastic four" regions unite to form the tourist area of Bernkastel-Kues.

Here you will find everything you need and more to enjoy a true holiday experience. Nature, culture and genuine hospitality. Spreading out a blanket on the riverbank and having a picnic. Simply spending a day with those you
love. Wandering through the vineyards and indulging in your dreams among the vines on the terraces.

The Moselle villages

have a remarkable historical tradition. Even the Celts succumbed to their multifarious charms.


The County of Veldenz

Romantic Veldenz, Venetian-style castles and idyllic Gornhausen: a world of its own.


The Moselle-Hunsrück region

Beautifully kept villages and diverse tourist attractions.


The winegrowing town of Bernkastel-Kues

lies at the very heart of the Middle Moselle.

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