Parish church of St. Michael

The imposing 600-year-old tower of the parish church of St. Michael, which contains a wealth of artistic treasures, is one of the most prominent features of the town's landscape and was first mentioned in records in 1177.

The church is in the Bernkastel part of town and is the only remaining building in the Moselle region that is still consistently preserved in the style of the 14th Century. It contains three naves and an abundance of rich furnishings that is unmatched anywhere else in these parts nowadays. The Baroque facade, which was restored in 1968, presents a stark contrast to the solid mass of St. Michael's tower, which dates back more than 600 years. The interior of the church creates the impression of a hall-like space. The sacristy was constructed in 1664 and the central feature in the chancel is the Calvary scene from 1496.

The plague altar in the annexe is a work by the sculptor Hoffmann the Younger. It depicts a scene from Bernkastel in 1630: the town's inhabitants have gathered in the market square to carry a victim of the plague to his grave.
The church tower resembles a fortified tower and has evidently served a defensive purpose, although in the past the town walls ran past it, as shown particularly clearly in the Merian engraving from 1646.

St. Michael's Church

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