Town tour with the "Bernkasteler Doctor"

According to a popular local legend, back in the 14th Century the Elector of Trier Boemund II fell seriously ill with fever during a stay at Landshut Castle. Remedies were prescribed to no effect, and none of the Elector's celebrated doctors knew what to

An old winegrower came to see the Elector with a keg of his finest wine, declaring it to be the best medicine. The Elector drank the wine with pleasure and was miraculously cured. In recognition that this particular wine was his "true healer", the Elector awarded the vineyard the prestigious honour of allowing it to take the name of "Bernkasteler Doctor" from then on.

Following the trail of a legend
That is how the "Bernkasteler Doctor" got its name. This is the story - albeit an abridged version - of the famous local legend, and that is what inspired us to create a guided tour with a difference: the town tour with the "Bernkasteler Doctor".
This 90-minute tour through the old town of Bernkastel includes – as its name suggests – two glasses of "Bernkasteler Doctor" wine and costs EUR 8.00 per person. The tour starts in Karlsbader Platz in Bernkastel, behind the tourist information building.

It is, of course, also possible to book this tour – the only one of its kind in the Moselle region just give us a call: Tel. +49 (0)6531/500190.

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