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Superb wines and supreme indulgence

The Riesling grape is the most important variety and is grown on an area of around 5300 hectares. The mineral-rich slate soil of the steep slopes provides ideal growing conditions for the Riesling grape.

The Bernkastel-Kues Moselle holiday region is famous for its vineyard locations. The winemakers of the Central Moselle mostly produce Riesling, but also fresh Elbling, fruity Kerner as well as Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. The winemakers and vineyards of the Moselle wine-growing region specialise in mineral-rich, delicately fruity white wines with a relatively low alcohol content. These are wines that are well suited to a modern lifestyle and light cuisine with international influences.

Excellent climate
The wines from the Moselle and its tributaries Saar and Ruwer get their unique and very delicate character as a result of the geological, topographical and climate conditions in the river valleys. The Moselle, Saar and Ruwer rivers wind their way through the cultural landscape where the Celts and Romans grew wine 2000 years ago. The region is the fifth largest wine-growing region in Germany, with a wine-growing area of some 8,700 hectares. Almost half of the vines grow on steep slopes of shale. The south or southwest-facing steep slopes and terraces have a microclimate that's perfect for the vines.

The roots of the vines reach several metres into the ground to get water and minerals. On the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer the late-ripening Riesling has plenty of time to develop a great variety of flavours and refinement.

Vibrant terroir
Thanks to the region's soil, 400-million-year old weathered argillaceous shale, and a long ripening phase, the wines here have a characteristic minerality. Despite the relatively far north growing region, the winemakers succeed in producing light wines with relatively low alcohol content that are nonetheless full of flavour. Even the more full-bodied dry wines are fine and elegant because of their minerality.

All-inclusive wine packages

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Wine Museum

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Climate, soil and winegrower: the three key elements of the Moselle terroir

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