The MEDIAN rehabilitation centre

The MEDIAN rehabilitation centre in Bernkastel-Kues has a far-reaching reputation. Medical rehabilitation is the order of the day at these modern clinics, which cover various specialist areas. The treatment here does not just focus on isolated symptoms -

In the heart of the Kues plateau health resort with its therapeutic climate, high above the romantic Moselle winegrowing town of Bernkastel-Kues, is the MEDIAN rehabilitation centre, which is made up of five clinics: the Kues clinic (for cardiovascular diseases), the Moselhöhe clinic (for psychosomatic treatment, psychotherapy and cardiovascular diseases), the Bernkastel and Moselschleife clinic (for orthopaedics) and the Landshut Castle clinic (for neurology, psychosomatic treatment and psychiatry).
The different specialist areas of the individual clinics enable specialists to work together in perfect coordination, which is extremely important for patients, especially in the case of multiple illnesses. Thanks to individually tailored therapy and diagnostics, the frequency of relapses is greatly reduced.

The peaceful location, right in the idyllic grounds of the health resort, far away from the stress of everyday life, also plays a significant role in helping patients to relax and recuperate. The harmony of nature and culture encourages visitors and patients to take pleasure in life, giving them a sense of well-being and optimism and simply doing them good. This is the perfect place to enjoy complete recuperation.

The health services include:
- Follow-up treatment/rehabilitation
- Outpatient/day-patient rehabilitation
- Outpatient therapy
- Inpatient treatment
- Further clinic-based occupational therapy
- Admission of companions
- Outpatient/day-patient treatment

For those who like to take their health into their own hands, there are various health care programmes on offer.

The clinics are also happy to admit companions, as patients often find it easier to face challenges with someone by their side and sometimes a close, trusted friend or family member can also help to restore a patient's spiritual wellbeing.

For those who are not sure how they want to spend their free time when they are not undergoing treatment, the Kurgastzentrum ("health resort visitors' centre") run by Kultur und Kur GmbH does not just provide a comprehensive range of leisure activities – both on site and in the local area - it also offers convenient and enjoyable excursion opportunities.

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Median health clinics

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